Announcement: New Department Head Appointed, Biochemistry and Medical Genetics


Dr. Brian Postl, Dean, Max Rady College of Medicine and Dean, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Barbara Triggs-Raine as the Department Head of Biochemistry and Medical Genetics, Max Rady College of Medicine.*

Dr. Triggs-Raine’s appointment starts on November 1, 2018 on a five-year term.

She completed her undergraduate science degree at the University of Manitoba in 1983, followed by her PhD in 1987, also at the U of M.

Joining the university’s faculty in 1987, she is currently: Scientific Director, Central Animal Core Facility, Associate Head and professor, Dept. Biochemistry & Medical Genetics and Professor, Dept. Pediatrics & Child Health.

Over the past seven years she has gone on to use that expertise in the development of animal core facilities. In 2015, she expanded her management to include both the Transgenic Facility and Imaging Facility in her role as Research Director, Central Animal Core Facility

Dr. Triggs-Raine is internationally recognized for her research into rare genetic disorders. Her studies have led to guidelines for genetic testing for Tay-Sachs disease and the development of new tests for a range of disorders in Manitoba’s unique populations.

Her investigations into hyaluronidase deficiency and the role of hyaluronidase in hyaluronan turnover have led to repeated invitations to speak at the International Hyaluronan meetings and the Gordon Proteoglycan Conference. Her work has been funded by GlycoNet, CHRIM and NSERC. Her past research funding totals in excess of $6.4 million.

Dr. Triggs-Raine has served as an advisor to 42 undergrads and 21 graduate students, and as a teacher/mentor to physician assistants, genetic counsellors and faculty members. She has published 75 journal publications, as well as four book chapters and more than 80 abstracts.

* Pending Board of Governors approval.