Announcement: New Chair of Interprofessional Collaborative Practice Appointed


Dr. Brian Postl, dean, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences and Dr. Christine Ateah, vice-dean, education, Rady Faculty, Dr. Anthony Iacopino, dean of dentistry and Mary Bertone, Director, School of Dental Hygiene, Dr. Gerald Niznick College of Dentistry, are very pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Gayle Halas, as the inaugural Rady Chair of Interprofessional Collaborative Practice and assistant professor in the School of Dental Hygiene effective May 1, 2019 for a five-year term.

Dr. Halas is a health-care researcher, educator and leader. She has been a member of the University of Manitoba education and research community since 1999, first as a clinical instructor in dental hygiene and more recently as an assistant professor and research director in the Department of Family Medicine at the Max Rady College of Medicine.

She is also the director of the Manitoba Primary and Integrated Health Care Innovation Network – a CIHR strategy for patient-oriented research designed to connect people, resources and opportunities for research and knowledge sharing.

Throughout her research career, she has been a strong advocate for patients’ needs, education and inter-professional collaborative practice. This is evident in her presented and published works focusing on patient-centred evidence-based approaches to care.

Dr. Halas holds a diploma in dental hygiene from the University of Manitoba and a master’s degree in integrated studies from Athabasca University. She returned to the University of Manitoba to complete a PhD in individualized interdisciplinary studies focusing her research on patients’ engagement with educational health information. Her PhD thesis was recognized as one of three distinguished papers by the North American primary care research group. She also completed a certificate in higher education and learning from the University of Manitoba and a fellowship with Western’s University’s Transdisciplinary Understanding and Training On Research - Primary Health Care (TUTOR-PHC).

In 2018, Dr. Halas was the recipient of the University of Manitoba School of Dental Hygiene Alumni Association Alumni of Distinction award.

The role of the Chair in Interprofessional Collaborative Practice is to build upon collaborative relationships between educational and practice systems and thereby promote excellence in patient care, quality and safety.

By delivering on these strategic objectives, the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences will become recognized for its leadership and excellence in promoting and facilitating inter-professional collaborative practice, research and quality of patient-centred care.

Please join us in welcoming Dr. Halas to this exciting new role in the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences!


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