MAY 2019


Message from the Department Head

On March 1, the WRHA, St-Boniface Hospital and the University of Manitoba Rady Faculty of Health Sciences announced closure of the Family Medical Centre. This was very difficult news for many, as FMC has served the department well in its four plus decades. 

During this same period, we have also had tremendous growth and change both within our department (increase in number of resident, distributed teaching network) and within the primary care system (new primary care infrastructure, MyHealth Teams). With the release of Shared Health’s Provincial Clinical and Preventative Services Plan on the horizon, further change and growth in primary care is anticipated.

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Dr. Sara Goulet Appointed Associate Dean, Admissions

Dr. Brian Postl, dean, Max Rady College of Medicine and dean, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Sara Goulet as new associate dean, admissions, Max Rady College of Medicine.

Dr. Goulet is a member of the Métis community and holds several degrees from the U of M, including B.Sc.(Hons)/97, MD/05, B.Sc.(Med)/05. She graduated from the University of Manitoba's family medicine residency in 2007

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Dr. Gayle Halas Appointed Chair of Interprofessional Collaborative Practice

Dr. Brian Postl, dean, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences and Dr. Christine Ateah, vice-dean, education, Rady Faculty, Dr. Anthony Iacopino, dean of dentistry and Mary Bertone, Director, School of Dental Hygiene, Dr. Gerald Niznick College of Dentistry, are very pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Gayle Halas, as the inaugural Rady Chair of Interprofessional Collaborative Practice and assistant professor in the School of Dental Hygiene effective May 1, 2019 for a five-year term.

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Parkland update

The Parkland Family Medicine Residency Unit has been busy with a wide variety of activities. Follow the link below to see what they've been up to!

Please note that all units are welcome to make submissions with news and updates - simply email your content to dfm@umanitoba.ca.

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New birth options for mothers, training for FM residents

Kildonan Medical Centre (KMC) has just welcomed a new program for expectant mothers and their babies.

The Community Birth Program offers women the option of receiving prenatal care and delivery close to home in a unique program staffed by a midwife and family physician who specialize in low-risk obstetrics.

This program, launched March 4, 2019, is a new collaborative initiative between the Department of Family Medicine in the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences and the Midwifery Program of the WRHA.

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SPOR Canadian data platform

The SPOR Canadian Data Platform was announced on April 23, a project which will free valuable data to researchers across the country and spur new insights and policies to keep Canadians safe and healthy.

With $81 million in support nationally, this initiative will make it easier for researchers to access and share health research data.

Dr. Alan Katz, a professor of in the department of community health sciences at the Max Rady College of Medicine, and Director of the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy (MCHP), will co-lead the Manitoba project arm with Dr. Lisa Lix, Canada Research Chair in Methods for Electronic Health Data Quality.

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Faculty from the Department of Family Medicine participated in an impressive number of presentations at medical education conferences in the past month. Congratulations to all presenters on their hard work!

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CFPC awards and grants for medical students

Awards and grants exclusive to Canadian medical students are now available. The deadline to submit nominations or applications for all opportunities is June 20, 2019.

Indigenous student leadership award

Each Canadian medical school is asked to identify their nominees for an Indigenous Student Leadership Award. This award recognizes the leadership abilities of an outstanding Indigenous student in their final year of study currently enrolled in one of the 17 Canadian medical schools.

Medical student leadership awards

These awards recognize the leadership abilities of outstanding medical students in the graduating class of 2019. A selection committee comprised of student and faculty representatives is asked to collaborate on the selection process.

Medical student scholarships

These scholarships recognize outstanding medical students in their second-last year of study (graduating class of 2020) who have an interest in family medicine as a career. A selection committee coordinated through the office of the assistant dean, comprised of student and faculty representatives, is asked to collaborate on the selection process.

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Dr. Nichole Riese received the Manitoba College of Family Physicians Award of Excellence.


Dr. Lisa Craig is now the site education director, PGY1

Dr. Ken Hahlweg is now the site medical lead at NCMC

Dr. Joanna Lynch is now the stream lead NR/site education director PGY2

Jana Mudra has rejoined the department as UGE program assistant-clerkship.

FMC redistribution

(As of July 1, 2019)


Dr. Michael Polan will be at ACCESS Fort Garry

Dr. Alex Singer will be at ACCESS Winnipeg West

Dr. Nene Rush will be at Kildonan Medical Centre (KMC)

Dr. Alan Katz will be at Northern Connections Medical Centre (NCMC)

Dr. Mary Jane Jamieson will be at ACCESS Winnipeg West


Dr. Jeff Sisler will be at KMC

Dr. Brent Kvern will be at ACCESS Fort Garry

Dr. Steven Gray will be at ACCESS River East (ARE)

Dr. Prab Singh will be at ACCESS River East (ARE)


Dr. Gerald Konrad will retire as of July 1, 2019. We sincerely thank him for his many significant and valuable contributions as a GFT with the department during the past 16 years. Best wishes, Gerald!

Cathy Higham will be retiring as of May 24. We appreciate all her work as program assistant-clerkship and wish her well in her retirement.


Save the Date

Family medicine graduation

Saturday, June 1
Winnipeg Winter Club

Please mark your calendars and hold the date for the Department of Family Medicine's annual graduation celebration. More information coming soon!


Save the Date

Resident’s scholarly activity day

June 3, 2019 | 9:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m.

Please mark your calendars and hold the date for the Department of Family Medicine's Scholarly Activity Day.

Second-year family med residents will present their scholarly projects (either research or quality improvement related) at this exciting annual event. This year's keynote will be presented by Dr. Larry Reynolds. Snacks and lunch will be served.

For more information, contact Alyzia Horsfall at Alyzia.Horsfall@umanitoba.ca.


Welcome & orientation events

Mark your calendars for upcoming events for new residents:

Wednesday, June 26 - PGME orientation
Thursday, June 27 -  Family Medicine Welcome BBQ at Kildonan Park
Thursday & Friday, June 27 & 28 - Family Medicine Orientation