Parkland Third Quarter Update

Third Quarter Update

The Parkland Family Medicine Residency Unit is entering the final stretch of the academic year with six second-year and six first-year residents. Congratulations to Dr. McMullen who completed training on March 16, 2019 and will now begin practice in Dauphin, MB.

Academic Day

Academic day sessions continue to be completed on the first Thursday and Friday of rotation change.

Rotation #8

Topics included trigeminal neuralgia, syncope, pacemakers, personality disorder, depression, hair loss, cancer and diet and finally cancer prevention and the role of exercise. Linking to the CPD: pediatrics and the topics of food introduction and allergies, sleep through the ages, child abuse, normal development and development disorders: autism. The day ended with topics by Dr. Kish on post-streptococcal complications and e-cigarettes/vaping.

Rotation #9

This rotation was held in our cold Manitoba February and was a 200 km trip up to Swan River to learn about the area including Louisiana-Pacific logging industry. This day was complemented by presentations by former Parkland Chief Residents Drs. Tyler Burnside and Savanna McKay who now act as primary preceptors for our unit. Friday’s sessions were weight management in practice and earache. Residents were relieved early in order to attend the PARIM resident appreciation dinner in Winnipeg if they chose to attend.
Dr. Mike Penrose with the catch of the day.

Rotation #10

Winter survival was held on Lake Dauphin hosted by Dr. Mike Penrose. This annual day was scheduled as part of Rotation #10 academic day. Residents learn about winter survival while participating in an afternoon of ice fishing. Other topics presented on Academic Days included croup and bronchiolitis, fatigue in adults, food guide, elder abuse, optometry, sepsis and finally NRP Review. Dr. McMullen also presented her QI project on de-presribing PPIs to the group.
Dr. David Cazakoff and Dr. Scott Kish demonstrate ultrasound for highschool students who were job-shadowing.
An EDE ultrasound practice session was organized in Dauphin in mid-February in which the Parkland unit assisted to set-up and recruit model participants to be scanned by some of our residents and faculty who needed to complete their required scans. This proved to be a useful tool to expose interested high school students into the health care field and was very successful. Many thanks to all involved. Residents on FMBT attended the Geriatric Oncology Day on March 15. Topics are also very appropriate and the short time (usually under one hour) makes for excellent learning and ability to continue with some clinical duties if required. We value our dedicated MB Telehealth space and equipment and access as many sessions as possible. Other learners at Parkland Unit during this time included two DND physician assistant trainees, one elective, one psychiatry resident completing an FM elective, and one medical observership through Prairie Mountain Health.
Dr. Peter Stockmann, PGY1 resident (left) and Dr. Mathison, primary preceptor (right).

Physicians’ Appreciation Day

Our local Dauphin personal care home recognized Dr. Mathison and her resident, Dr. Peter Stockmann on Physicians’ Appreciation Day held on March 30. They provided them with a thank you/acknowledgement poster, a doctor’s survival kit, and chocolate and butter pecan cupcakes.  
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