Mid-year summary

The Parkland Family Medicine Residency Unit is entering the second half of the year with seven residents in second year and six in first  year.

Academic day sessions continue to be completed on the first Thursday and Friday of rotation change.

Residents completing rotations in dauphin connected via MBTelehealth to a special session entitled “Dermatology detail – going more than skin deep.”

Period #5 academic day topics included atrial fibrillation, lactation consultant and i-rest (resident wellness session). Residents then presented their clinical chart audit at noon to dauphin medical clinic physicians. Afternoon topics included immigration, followed by circumcision and then Medical Assistance In Dying (MAID).

Friday’s session was management of acutely unwell diabetic HHS&DKA as well as hands-on sessions in ALARM and casting.

Period #6 in November included psoriasis in kids, childhood headaches, PCD, IBS, Alzheimer’s and an afternoon of STARS mobile education unit (hands-on).

Friday’s session included stress management and then a local psychologist presented “Unspoken words:  the relationship between nonverbal communication and women’s body image.”  Local optometrist Dr. Kara Vanderheyden and her interns presented glaucoma/macular degeneration.

Period #7 had second year residents complete a mock SOO exam while the first years travelled to Ashcroft Vision Care to see clients and train using the slit-lamp.

Presentations in the afternoon include renal nutrition, COPD and back pain. Local RCMP members came to speak around winter driving and included driving post-call. Other topics presented include breaking bad news, domestic violence and insomnia. The afternoon ended with a yoga session (resident wellness).

This period saw nine electives from U of M along with two international electives. The excitement and energy they bring along with the opportunity for our residents to supervise and teach makes this a very busy, but valuable experience.

A gathering was held at La Grange in Laurier to celebrate the holidays in December. Faculty, staff and partners as well as some of the past residents joined an evening of food, laughter and festivities.

Congratulations to Dr. Sheila Menard who was nominated for an Indigenous award of Excellence – Indigenous Faculty Award Trailblazer for 2019 by the Parkland Unit residents, faculty and staff along with her staff from clinics in Dauphin, Pine Creek and Camperville along with her many patients (photo attached).