Message from the Dean

It is an exciting time for the College of Pharmacy as we embark on the implementation of our new Doctor of Pharmacy program as well as our new Strategic Plan, while celebrating 10-years in our state-of-the art research and learning space, the Apotex Centre!

This newsletter from the College of Pharmacy will feature articles about our pharmacy community, our students, faculty and staff. We look forward to sharing some of the excellent work done in our research labs, and discussing innovative examples of scholarship and teaching. As we continue to engage with our health sciences colleagues and build our partnerships within the community, we will share these examples as well.

The new 5-year strategic plan for the College commits us to maintaining an open and meaningful dialogue with all of our stakeholders - and I look forward to hearing from you about how we are doing, how we can contribute more to our communities and where we can work together.

It is an inspiring time in the history of the College of Pharmacy and I offer my sincere thanks to our faculty, staff and students, as we continue to work with the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences, and the University of Manitoba, to chart our course forward. 

As we celebrate our past achievements, and focus on our present opportunities and priorities, I can see a bright future - a powerful vision of Manitoba’s strong and supportive pharmacy community.

Dr. Lalitha Raman-Wilms
Dean, College of Pharmacy


College of Pharmacy celebrates past, present and future

On November 19, more than 100 alumni, donors, students and friends of the University of Manitoba gathered to mark the 10th anniversary of the Apotex Centre and  launch of its Doctor of Pharmacy (PharmD) program.

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Blanket exercise builds bridges, Indigenous knowledge

With a howling wind outside Buhler Atrium, a group of nearly 50 faculty and staff from Rady Faculty of Health Sciences gathered in a circle and prepared for a glimpse back in time to pre-contact Canada.

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Tailor-made molecules

Dr. Geoff Tranmer was profiled in Rady UM for his research on flow chemistry. “The properties of any drug are due to the shape of the molecules – their essential structure,” explains the assistant professor in the College of Pharmacy. “Change the molecule and you change how the drug works.”

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Alumna explores uncharted areas of the brain

Assistant professor Dr. Jillian Stobart was featured in Rady UM for her research on brain cells. “I’m an astrocyte biologist but I’m also a pharmacologist,” she says. “My long-term goal is something tangible – developing drugs to target cells and to treat disease.”

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College of Pharmacy students connect with community

Students raised over $3,000 in support of Habitat for Humanity and volunteered for the 2018 build on the Bannatyne campus. Their efforts came full circle as the family moved in at the end of December, just in time for the holidays.

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Faculty engage with public at Café Scientifique

Over 100 members of the public heard from College of Pharmacy faculty members Dr. I fan Kuo, Dr. Silvia Alessi-Severini, Dr. Jamie Falk and Dr. Christine Leong,  on the latest research on the use of medication and potential harm, as well as the ways research can drive advancement of clinical knowledge and improve patient care of older adults.

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Staff updates


The College of Pharmacy has welcomed four new faculty  members:

• Dr. Sherif Eltonsy, Assistant Professor (215 Apotex)

• Dr. Kaarina Kowalec, Assistant Professor (223 Apotex)

• Dr. Hagar Labouta, Assistant Professor, (319 Apotex)

• Dr. Lucy Marzban, Associate Professor (331 Apotex)

Watch for researcher profiles in UM Today!

We also welcomed a new member to the support staff team in the Dean’s Office in January:

• Nicole Riches, Confidential Assistant to the Dean


Congratulations to Dr. Geoff Tranmer on being granted tenure at the University of Manitoba.


• Dr. Frank Burczynski  has returned from a research/study leave as of January.

• Dr. Jamie Falk began a six-month research/study leave on January 1, 2019. 


We wish Juliette Leygue a fond farewell as she moves on to new adventures.


The College continues to recruit and grow in the new year. We are currently searching for:

• Instructor in Pharmacy Hospital/Primary Care

• Assistant/Associate Professor in Pharmaceutical Sciences

• Assistant/Associate Professor in Pharmacoepidemiology

• Director of Experiential Education