New Associate Dean, Admissions Appointed

Dr. Brian Postl, dean, Max Rady College of Medicine and dean, Rady Faculty of Health Sciences is pleased to announce the appointment of Dr. Sara Goulet as new associate dean, admissions, Max Rady College of Medicine.

Dr. Goulet is a member of the Métis community and holds several degrees from the U of M, including B.Sc.(Hons)/97, MD/05, B.Sc.(Med)/05. She graduated from the University of Manitoba's family medicine residency in 2007.

Dr. Goulet grew up in the Red River Valley and like her father, a bush pilot, she travels all over northern Manitoba and the Kivalliq region of Nunavut where she provides primary care to First Nations and Inuit communities. She also provides leadership and support to the fly-in physicians at Ongomiizwin Health Services (formerly known as NMU).

In order to maintain her knowledge, skills and relationships needed to best service her Indigenous communities, she works to provide hospitalist services at HSC in the CAU and SICU.

Dr. Goulet initially served on the U of M's Admissions Committee as a student representative, but most recently to enhance processes specific to the Canadian Indigenous stream.

She is proud to take on the role of associate dean of admissions for the Max Rady College of Medicine. She hopes to continue to foster diversity in the college and to explore ways to support pipeline projects to increase the number of First Nations and Inuit students who can access medical school.


Dr. Postl would like to thank Dr. Bruce Martin for all of his hard work and contributions.

Dr. Martin served on the Admissions Committee under the leadership of Dr. Fred Aoki and Dr. Barbara MacKalski and thereafter served in the leadership role initially as associate dean students from 2010-2014 and director of admissions since 2014.

During his tenure with admissions there have been many accomplishments, including introduction of the multiple mini interview and processes to enhance diversity resulting in increasing the number of indigenous, francophone and rural students.

In addition, he received U of M Senate approval for new guidelines aimed at advantaging historically under-represented individuals to reflect Manitoba’s diversity in ethnicity, socio-economic and socio-cultural conditions and sexual orientation.

Dr. Martin has been the recipient of many awards, including multiple MMSA Teacher Recognition awards and the AFMC May Cohen Equity, Diversity and Gender Award. He has also been a champion and key organizer and volunteer at all four Habitat for Humanity builds.