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NURS 2100: Introduction to Family Caregiving Across the Lifespan

"It takes a village"

Undergraduate students!

This novel interdisciplinary, intergenerational course will prepare you to contribute to a collaborative approach to supporting family caregivers.  

Lifelong learners!

This unique learning experience welcomes your expertise and vital exchange to help us cultivate new perspectives about family caregivers. 

This course challenges faulty beliefs and myths about family caregivers.

We will explore the science behind:

  • the caregiver role and experience
  • the multidimensional needs of caregivers
  • multidisciplinary approaches to address caregiver needs

If you have any questions about the course, please contact:

Dr. Michelle Lobchuk, 204-474-7135 | Michelle.Lobchuk@umanitoba.ca  

Jamie Penner, 204-474-9315 | Jamie.Penner@umanitoba.ca

For registration questions:

UM students - please consult the Academic Calendar or a student advisor in your department.

Lifelong learners - please contact Karen Nickerson, Student Advisor General Studies, 204-474-8330, Karen.Nickerson@umanitoba.ca.

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