Parkland Family Medicine Residency Unit

Parkland unit continues through rotations; this report ending period #7.

Academic days on September 26 and 27 included presentations by ICAW course by Prairie Mountain Health regional coordinators for Indigenous health followed by continued local orientation with diagnostic services, nutrition, mental health/behavioral medicine, operating room as well as immigration services.

Dr. Kish presented on QI and Dr. Cazakoff presented on asthma. Local psychologist Dr. Michelle Conan presented on anxiety and treatment and Dr. Gray finished the day meeting with residents who are to write MCCQE2 for a review.

Period #5 academic days were held on October 24 and 25. Dr. Penrose presented on EKGs, Erin Stoesz presented on national diabetes conference review. Drs. Stockmann and Kilimnik completed an introduction to ultrasound followed by surgeon Dr. Forsythe presenting to the group.

Dr. Kish travelled with the six first year residents into Brandon for QI session with Dr. Allison Paige. They continued part 2 on November 20 and did the QI Olympics.

Erin Stoesz had attended the diabetes symposium in Winnipeg in early October and did a review. Drs. Nolin and Ruffo present an ultrasound topic followed by TPN presentation by local hospital dietitian and pharmacist. Psychologist Dr. Conan and Shannon Telfer presented autism spectrum disorder in children. The afternoon was hands-on session of spirometry by respiratory therapist followed by hands-on presentation of shoulder dislocation by Dr. Gray.

Day 2 of academic days included pneumothorax, emerging and evolving issues, and hepatitis. The group welcomed Dr. Martin for a luncheon celebrating his years as post-graduate director. The afternoon was filled with “40 years of family medicine” by Dr. Martin that came with many stories and lessons. (photo attached)

Rotation #7 was exam preparation day for PGY2 while PGY1 reviewed pediatric advanced life support. Palliative care program orientation was followed by disordered eating by Drs. Gray and Conan and Shannon Telfer and Erin Stoesz.

Shannon presented on mini-mental exam and MOCA. Barret Procyshyn from the Dauphin Clinic pharmacy presented on smoking cessation. Final academic day of 2019 began with Dr. Kish presenting a QI demo followed by local women’s crisis centre presentation. Radiologist Dr. Neesh Malik rounded out the afternoon with a presentation on MSK radiology.

A new initiative in Dauphin to help those in need of support has received positive support from our program. Under one roof (see attached poster) has been seeing increased participation and therefore will likely continue into 2020. Our unit has offered to participate to be there as volunteer support when needed and one of the faculty will attend to evaluate the interaction (direct observation).

Four second-year medical students travelled from Winnipeg on October 19 and 20 where they were introduced through the Rural Residency Education Program (RREP) to rural medicine and specifically the Parkland family medicine residency unit.

The Parkland unit has been hosting RREP since 2014. Statistics show that of the 19 students who have visited, to date, 2/6 who visited successfully matched to Parkland unit through CaRMS. Because RREP in in second year, we will continue to see results in the future upon CaRMS matching following their fourth year.

Upon arrival to Dauphin, the students were welcomed by chief resident Dr. Steven Nolin and current training residents for an informal meet/greet discussion around benefits of training in a rural area. Current residents feel the years of experience from their supervising preceptors as well as the diverse population make this an ideal training community. They noted the support of the inter-professional faculty as well as the administrative staff.

On Saturday, students had an opportunity to participate in a mock code and teaching with the Apollo simulator manikin as well as a hands-on practice suturing session.

The RREP provides continued networking and further promotion around the Parkland family medicine residency unit as an option for future training.

Thanks to Shared Health, Prairie Mountain Health, Dauphin Medical Clinic, Parkland unit residents, faculty and staff for their involvement in the success of the 2019 RREP in Dauphin.

Team meetings continue monthly and we recently connected via videoconference with Dr. Terry McCormack who presented on Entrada/Elentra for use in evaluations. Due to a few of the faculty note having nil appointments renewed; there is a bit of delay with them having access but we are working hard to get everyone up and comfortable using Entrada.

Family Medicine Forum was held November 1 – 3 in Vancouver, BC. A few of the local faculty attended along with Parkland resident Dr. Anshuman Saksena who had poster presentation.

CaRMS 2020 is underway with file reviews completed on December 5 and upcoming interviews in late January.

Six- and 18-month periodic review of resident progress meeting have been set up and Dr. Kish will meet each resident individually to ensure continued educational objectives are being met.

We look forward to 2020!

Michelle Jubenvill

January 2020