2020 Helen Glass Research Symposium Graduate Student Poster Competition

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Click the links below to view all 19 submissions to the 2020 HGRS Graduate Student Poster Competition.

Enhancing Undergraduate Nursing Students’ Knowledge and Self-Efficacy  About Workplace Bullying: A Quasi-experimental Study – Abeer Alraja

“Seeing What You See”- A Collaborative Effort Towards Empathic Intercultural Communication in Healthcare:  A Proposed Grounded Theory Approach – Naomi Armah

Exploring Expressions of Academic Success in Undergraduate Nursing Students – Shireen Bell

The Lived Experience and Perceptions of Nursing Students’ Learning in a Concept-Based Curriculum: A Proposed Study – Josie Bolianatz

A Hermeneutic Phenomenological Inquiry of Anxiety in Children with Food Allergies and Families in Schools – Vanessa Buduhan

Public Health Nurse Perspectives and Experiences Regarding their Role in Intersectoral Collaboration to Reduce Health Inequities in Manitoba – Victoria Charski

Role of Perceived Social Support among International Nursing Students – Damilare Dada

Evaluation of Lysosomal Membrane Glycoprotein Cln3 in Cerebellum and Embryonic Fibroblast Cells of ACP2 Mutant Mouse – Azadeh Dalvand

Redesigning the Nurse Manager Role: A Proposed Participatory Action Research Project – Jocelyn Elias

Methodological Scaffolding of Young Adult’s Lived Experience Post Hematological Stem Cell Transplant – Daniel Gagne

Exploring Dignity and Safety for Pregnant Persons Who Use Illicit Substances during Labour and Delivery – Kristen Gulbransen

Health care professionals’ perspectives of factors shaping sexual health education for adults with acute coronary syndrome in cardiac rehabilitation programs: An interpretive description – Emily Hyde

Empowering Sibling Donor Voices in Pediatric Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplant – Andrea Winther Klippenstein

Let’s Talk About Death: Nurses’ Perspectives on End-of-Life Communication – Jane Kraut

Parents’ Experience of Continuing a Pregnancy after the Diagnosis of a Fetal Life Limiting Condition: A Qualitative Systematic Review – Stephanie J. Lelond

How the writing context influences student perceptions of their writing self-efficacy in nursing education – Kim Mitchell

Parents’ experiences caring for a child with persistent post-concussion syndrome: A proposed qualitative study – Kealy Murray

A Novel Video-Feedback Intervention to Enhance Long-Term Care Aides’ Person-Centred Dementia Communication – Deanne O’Rourke

Islands or Communities? Exploring What Peer Cohort Means To Graduate Students in Nursing – Lisa Mary-Quigley

Transition, Tensions and Transformation: Occupational Therapists’ Experiences Working with Indigenous Communities, Programs and Organizations – Alisia Roos

Surgical Outpatient Perceptions on Perioperative Interprofessional Collaboration: A Proposed Phenomenological Research Study – Nicole Shead

Exploring Effective Nursing Academic Leadership – Carnelle Raigne Symes

Building Meaningful Nurse Educator -Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Learner Relationships: A Constructivist Grounded Theory – Amie-Rae Zaborniak

Workplace bullying and personality characteristics of the victim in a perioperative environment in Canada – Veronika Zot