Support staff exchange with McGill University

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College of Nursing student advisor Stephanie Toews and 21 other U of M support staff recently took part in a learning exchange with McGill University from Oct. 21 – Nov. 3. 

McGill’s Ingram School of Nursing is similar in size to the College of Nursing, with just over 800 undergraduate students and 100 graduate-level students,” said College of Nursing student advisor Stephanie Toews.

“I was lucky enough to be able to have a full tour of their simulation and skills lab space as well as meet their entire advising team,” said Toews (pictured with the Ingram School of Nursing advising team). “One of the interesting takeaways they had shared with me was that they had been slowly phasing in the use of CASPer testing for all of their nursing programs. Since the introduction of CASPer testing as an admissions screening tool, they have self-reported a decrease in overall attrition rates, a decrease in issues relating to honestly, integrity, and clinical attendance and attentiveness. They reported that overall, students where more organized conscientious and honest from the advisors’ point of view.”

Since returning, Toews has stayed in contact with Margie Gabriel, Student Affairs Officer for the Ingram School of Nursing. 

“It is so exciting and validating to have another person at another institution to share and consult with, and it is a great reminder of the importance and value that support staff bring to educational institutions,” she said.