Recently funded projects – Winter 2020

The College of Pharmacy is pleased to be a part of the following recently funded projects:

The progression of brain pericyte alterations in Alzheimer’s disease and aging
Jill Stobart – $504,900

Comparative safety of antiepileptic therapies during pregnancy
Sherif Eltonsy – $30,000
Manitoba Medical Services Foundation

Brain mural cell dysfunction and blood flow changes in aging
Jill Stobart – 25,000
Manitoba Medical Services Foundation

Understanding psychiatric comorbidity in chronic immunoinflammatory diseases using genomics
Kaarina Kowalec – $8,000
University of Manitoba Research Grants Program

New insights into islet amyloid pathology in diabetes
Lucy Marzban – $9,900
University of Manitoba Research Grants Program

Genetic risk scores as a predictor of outcomes in multiple sclerosis
Kaarina Kowalec – $217,000 US (~$280,000 CDN)
US Department of Defence

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