2021-2022 Awards Nominations


From Sheldon Permack, associate head, department of family medicine:

I would like to take this opportunity to inform department members about the opportunities for award nominations relating to all faculty across the province. The goal is to fulfill the strategic plan by highlighting individuals in the department who have excelled in their academic, research, clinical or social accountability efforts. The department is in the midst of creating a shareable spreadsheet for the multiple awards across various organizations that are crucial to fulfilling the Family Medicine Strategic Plan.

The first relevant awards for the academic year are the Doctors Manitoba awards and there are many practitioners among our faculty who qualify for nomination. The departmental strategic initiatives that are supported by awards are the inspiration of learners and the empowerment of workforce through local, provincial, academic, national awards. Advancing Family Medicine by applying for significant awards is a key aspect of our strategic plan. The process of applying for various awards will contribute to the development of dossiers for our faculty which will support the promotion process with the assistance of Family Practice Executive and our excellent support staff. For more information, visit: Doctors Manitoba | Awards Nominations

We have many department members who could be nominated for the Distinguished Service Award, Physician of the Year Award, Medals of Excellence and the Humanitarian award. Preceptors could also hopefully review our residents to nominate them for the Resident of the Year Award, particularly looking at contributions to the COVID effort.

The hope would be to support nominations from across our various diverse streams and across the distributed programs throughout the province.

Please contact me at sheldon.permack@umanitoba.ca if you need support with the nomination process. I hope to be able to supply further information about award opportunities throughout the year.


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