Family medicine ultrasound curriculum

The family medicine ultrasound curriculum has officially launched! This will be one of the only family medicine ultrasound curriculums in the country and will provide our learners and faculty with the opportunity to learn and practice some basic skills with regards to point of care ultrasound.

The curriculum is delivered via an ultrasound educational platform known as SonoSim and our PGY1 residents will be the first to undertake this educational experience.  Using a training probe, learners will be able to practice skills in knobology, AAA screening, pregnancy dating and identifying pulmonary pathology from their own homes or in clinic.

The second year curriculum is still under development but will involve utilizing handheld ultrasound devices such as the Butterfly IQ.  We are looking for practitioners who have a Butterfly IQ who would be willing to allow learners to use the device within the clinic setting for this phase of the curriculum.

Please contact Dr. Aaron Jattan or Dr. Taft Micks with any questions or interest in further participating.

– Aaron Jattan, MD, CCFP
Education Director, FM-CTU, St. Boniface Hospital
Postgraduate Lead, Academic Curriculum
University of Manitoba

Mobile: 204-894-9375

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