Parkland Family Medicine Residency Unit report

Parkland Unit continues through rotations; this report ending period #7.

Academic Days

The year began in period #2 on July 30 & 31 with Orientation to Dauphin, technical blitz and Resident Wellness in the afternoon.

A month later on August 27 and 28, continued updates with Entrada, obesity guidelines, and a presentation by Dr. Menard on treatment of migraines & headaches.

Second year residents presented their R1 chart audit followed by continued orientation in infection control; specific to COVID-19.

Friday’s session was QI Olympics for R1 while R2 remained on clinical service.

Period #4 began with Indigenous Blessing and Storytelling by local Elder Bev Harvey.

ITP by Dr. Kish and his resident Mina Guindi followed. Group 2 of the clinical audit was presented over lunch.

Special guest Alex Lytwyn presented in the afternoon (see separate report and photo).

Local physician assistants presented on wound care and the day rounded out with airway management.

Part 2 of QI Olympics for R1 and R2s attended the CPD Cardiology session. Afternoon SIM session by Dr. Kish.

Period #5 continued with short snappers on the following topics: FASD, lactation consulting, croup and NVCI review.

With COVID-19 restrictions continuing, presentation on virtual care visits was presented.

MAID updated with Bill C7 review and an afternoon of SIM / PBSG (2 groups).

Friday, October 23 saw Dr. du Toit complete an ALARM refresher presentation followed by presentations on men’s health, PCOC, and EKG.

The last few hours were spent completing interview for the promotional video.

Period #6 began with sessions on IBS followed by diarrhea.

Local RCMP presented on winter driving and post-call driving and finally local psychologist spoke on unspoken words: relationship between non-verbal communication and women’s body image.

The MOH for province dialed in on ZOOM for a coronavirus update which was very good.

The day was rounded out by a financial topic by local experts.

Friday, November 20 was EKG#2, childhood headaches, and pediatrics topic.

Noon rounds were U of M Town Hall by Dr. Postl.

The afternoon was ischemic heart disease, pharmacy orders update and finally Dr. Pernarowski presented on infertility work-up.

Period #7 was CCFP exam prep and SAMP followed by Dr. Kish presenting syncope, prostate & PBH and Dr. Namrah Siraj having a case review.

Afternoon sessions included renal nutrition, acute knee injuries in adults by Dr. Myhre and ICU topic by Dr. Kish.

Friday, December 18 was a physician wellness presentation by former grad Dr. Shauna Craven, cannabinoids in palliative care by Dr. Mathison and local pharmacist Trevor Shewfelt, domestic violence by crisis centre.

Dr. Peter Stockman, Grad 2020 presented hospital medicine, Dr. Mathison presented choosing wisely and the day ended with a surgery topic by local surgeon, Dr. Forsyth.

Positive feedback continues on the Zoom platform and small group sessions while we are unable to come together for academic days due to COVID-19 restrictions.

Under One Roof

This initiative in Dauphin started last fall to help those in need of support has received positive support from our program. Under One Roof has been seeing increased participation and has expanded from weekly to twice weekly evenings.

Our unit has participated to be there as volunteer support when needed and one of the faculty attends to evaluate the interaction (direct observation).


Due to COVID-19, RREP (Rural Residency Education Program) was postponed to a later date.


Team meetings continue monthly and with COVID-19 restrictions; we’ve moved to Zoom platform for these meeting with success.

Often we have had better attendance as preceptors can Zoom in from local without travel back to the Parkland Unit meeting room.

CaRMS 2021 is underway with file reviews scheduled for February and interviews in March 2021.

We have a dedicated team here willing to help out with all days.

Six and 18-month periodic review of resident progress meeting have been set up via Zoom and Dr. Kish will meet each resident individually to ensure continued educational objectives are being met.

We look forward to 2021 and the second half of the residency year!

Respectfully submitted,

Michelle Jubenvill, January 2021

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