Parkland update

Parkland unit continues through rotations; this report ending period #10.

Academic days for period #8 included addictions by Shannon Telfer, infant nutrition by Erin Stoesz, multiple sclerosis by resident and Dr. Elizabeth Rhynold completing frailty, comprehensive assessment functional status as well as a session on dementia.

January 17, 2020 sessions included: prom by Dr. Sara Scott, bullous disease by Dr. Scott Kish, heart failure by Dr. Scott Kish, and osteoporosis by resident.  Drs. Gray and Kish finished the day with sessions on SIM and ultrasound.

On February 13, 2020, we welcomed Dr. David O’Hagan for presentations on X-rays, followed by toenails.

Medical jeopardy by local internist, Dr. Blair Hrabarchuk was a creative and interactive split into two groups to compete against each other. In the end, all were treated to excellent learning. Poverty assessment by Dr. Kish was complemented by a visit by local Parkland Crossing director. The day was rounded out with back pain by Dr. Jason Scott and physical exam sessions by resident.

On February 14, we connected to the CPD session on psychiatry which was excellent. Afternoon sessions included having local optometrist presenting red eye and we added a session with medical office of health for a corona virus update.

Period #10 was welcomed in with a much-needed winter survival session on Lake Dauphin by Dr. Mike Penrose. Thursday’s sessions included diabetes guidelines by Erin Stoesz, local resources, and a MB Telehealth link with former resident Dr. David Cazakoff on obesity.

STARS mobile education unit was in Dauphin on the Friday and residents completed two pediatric scenarios.  Feedback is always very strong for this hands-on session.  Hands-on session at the local optometry office seeing clients with their interns was valuable in covering the tools used such as the slit lamp.

A brief session on ECT by Shannon Telfer was followed by local psychologist Dr. Conan on adolescent mental health, including depression & suicide.  Dr. Gray presented on food allergy and the day finished with a hands-on session on the woods lamp.

CaRMs interviews were completed and parkland matched 5/6 positions.  Second iteration was completed; and we went unfilled.  We look forward to welcoming the incoming five Parkland residents for July 1.

Team meetings continue with strong attendance by the faculty and chief residents.  Thoughtful discussion continues on the methods we can implement to continue to improve training at the Parkland unit.

As we enter into the fourth quarter, we are met with obstacles by COVID-19 pandemic; however, with tools and resources from the university and local regional health authority, residents are feeling they are still obtaining and meeting their educational objectives.

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