Postgraduate update

The CaRMS 2020 match went well this year – many thanks again to everyone who participated in the process. We look forward to welcoming 50 new PGY1s to our family medicine. We are also gearing up for the start of a new academic year on July 1.

Northern Thompson

We are very excited to be training residents in northern Thompson beginning July 1, 2020 with two incoming residents, matched to the stream through CaRMs.

The stream is based in Thompson, Manitoba and our site medical lead and site education director is Dr. Nathan Coleman.

Residents will get experience diversity benefits of developing a deeper understanding of Canada’s north its Indigenous people and the First Nations communities that shape their experiences. The Indigenous health rotation is integrated into both years of the program, with an emphasis on cultural safety, health policy, advocacy, anti-racism and leadership. Training based in the north offers robust skill set and training exposure that ensures a broad skill set to enable residents to thrive in any practice across Canada.

Family Medicine Block Time will be primarily in Thompson, Manitoba with up to eight weeks each year in distributed sites across the region. Residents will be paired with a primary preceptor at their busy inter-professional clinic. Horizontal exposures in emergency medicine, psychiatry, care of the elderly, oncology, addictions medicine and fly-in medicine happen throughout both years of training. Specialty rotations are completed in Thompson or regional centers with local specialists or in larger centers in Winnipeg. Highlights include dedicated airway rotation, neonatology, pediatric emergency, critical care and addictions.

The training will prepare residents to provide care across diverse environments including community hospitals, health centers, nursing stations and care homes in First Nation, rural and remote communities.

Along the way, residents will be able to enjoy the astonishing beauty of northern Canada while gaining the experience they need to practice wherever their family medicine career takes them.

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