Special guest lecturer at parkland unit

Alex Lytwyn with his guide dogOn Thursday, September 24, 2020, the Parkland Unit hosted Winnipegosis resident Alex Lytwyn to talk about disabilities.

Alex, who uses a wheelchair and has the support of a guide dog, presented a well-developed power point presentation to the 11 trainees and some faculty/staff.

The purpose of the session was to meet one of the educational objectives within the family medicine curriculum.

Alex was able to discuss his background since childhood and showcase his challenges and successes to date.

Further, during this COVID-19 pandemic and self-isolation, Alex was able to share his experiences which many could be feeling during this time.

By completing this session via MB Telehealth, we were able to welcome a guest that might otherwise have had more challenges to accommodate in person (ie. cost of transportation, etc.).

Interaction was very good and residents asked some very important questions.

Alex’s zest for life and ability to overcome challenges faced, left the group in awe of his journey.

The feedback on this day was overwhelmingly positive and it is hoped to continue to nurture this relationship in the future.

Alex has much knowledge to share and we very much enjoyed this presentation.

Now in its twenty-eighth year of operation, the Parkland Family Medicine Residency Unit, located in Dauphin, is a training site for the University of Manitoba, department of family medicine.

Its aim is to prepare physicians with knowledge, skills and attitudes for rural family practice.

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