May 2021

Dr. Marielle Gawryluk is away on maternity leave effective May 31, 2021.

Dr. Kristina Swain is now covering as Education Director for the Family Medicine Enhanced Skills Care of the Elderly & Integrated Care of Elderly program.

Dr. Paul Sawchuk, a community faculty member in Winnipeg, Site Medical Lead at ACCESS River East and former President of the College of Family Physicians of Canada, is moving to Victoria BC after many years in Winnipeg. Dr. Sawchuk has had an integral role in championing the Patient’s Medical Home and community oriented primary care in Winnipeg. A mentor to many, he has had an important and long lasting impact on family medicine in Winnipeg. He will be missed by his patients, colleagues and friends but Victoria is lucky to welcome him into their primary care community. We are looking forward to ongoing collaboration with Dr. Sawchuk from across the country as he works to build a new community oriented primary care team!

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