A patient partner sits up on a bed and is wearing a VR headset and is holding two VR controllers.

Investing in Innovation

Leading-edge studies focused on phantom limb pain, Huntington’s disease and heart valve disease each received funding of $100,000 from The Winnipeg Foundation Innovation Fund in 2023.

Portrait of Dr. Brandy Wicklow. Art is on the wall behind her.

Pediatric Partnership

Imagine being 10 years old, watching family members and neighbours all around you coping with the same disease, and dreading being diagnosed with it yourself.

Architectural illustration of the new dental clinic space. Shows student in white coat looking at an X-ray, a student with a patient, and a patient in a wheelchair.

Dental Deluxe

When a gleaming new five-storey building opens on the Bannatyne campus in 2027, it will transform the way dentistry and dental hygiene students learn and care for patients.

Dean’s Message

We are entering a transformational period in the Rady Faculty of Health Sciences as we work collaboratively with the Province of Manitoba to address workforce shortages across the health system.