Generous donors help students attain their dreams

A FEW WEEKS AGO, we celebrated Convocation. The euphoric feeling of accomplishment was all around us. These are big moments for our students and wonderful reminders of the time, energy and emotion they have invested in preparing for their vocations.

Each year, I look forward to seeing students mark this important milestone. It’s inspiring for me because it shines a light on the important role our donors play in ensuring that our future health-care professionals reach this pivotal moment.

Donors like the Medicine Class of ’67, who contributed $63,000 to establish a bursary for undergraduate medical students. Donors to the College of Nursing 75th Anniversary Legacy Awards, which have been established to mark the college’s anniversary celebrations this year. And donors like Gerald Niznick [DMD/66, D.Sc./02] and Reesa Niznick, whose legacy will undoubtedly be transformational for the newly named Dr. Gerald Niznick College of Dentistry.

Gifts like theirs inspire us all. I hope you know that your gift, too, can make a difference. As we think about the success of this year’s graduates, please consider how you could help future graduates.

Did you know that students in the class that enters the College of Pharmacy in 2018 will be among the first graduates of the new PharmD program? Consider a gift toward a scholarship or a bursary for this new program.

The Bachelor of Science in Medicine program provides important career-related research opportunities for undergraduate students, but needs support to expand. You can help!

The Max Rady College of Medicine is committed to building a student body that reflects the diversity of our community. Your support for bursaries is more important than ever to ensure that students facing socioeconomic barriers can fulfil their potential.

Ambient Assisted Living explores new ways to harness technology to help people with physical or cognitive challenges live and work independently. You can be part of this exciting new initiative in the College of Rehabilitation Sciences that has the potential to revolutionize health care in Manitoba and beyond.

The Proctor Fund helps pay for dental treatment for patients who are not able to afford care. You can help them get the treatment they need while ensuring that dental students get the clinical experience they require to graduate.

Smiles for Miles provides life-changing dental hygiene care for newcomers to Canada and gives dental hygiene students invaluable clinical and patient care experiences. You can help!

Don’t forget, Homecoming 2018 is just around the corner. Mark your calendars for Sept. 24 to 30. More than a dozen classes from the Rady Faculty will be holding reunions this year. This could be the perfect time to think about a class gift. Please contact Adrienne Domingo if you are interested in learning more at: 204-789-3537 or

Feel free to get in touch with Adrienne or me with questions, or to find out more about what’s new. You can reach me at: 204-789-3884 or