Alumni (Summer 2022)

Karen McElroy sits next to a computer with respiratory devices on the desk.

Breathing Rural

When Karen McElroy [B.Sc./06, BMRRT/11] chose a career in respiratory therapy (RT), she was attracted to the “adrenaline junkie” side of it – the intense situations in emergency rooms where there are sometimes only minutes to save a patient’s life.

Pharmacist Hans Epp administers a Covid vaccine.

Calling the Shots

At the age of 24, Hans Epp [B.Sc.Pharm/84] became one of Shoppers Drug Mart’s youngest franchise owners. In his nearly four decades as a pharmacist, he has seen many changes in the profession.

Dr. Laura MacDonald writes on a whiteboard.

Eager to Educate

Laura MacDonald [Dip.D.Hyg./81, M.Ed./87, PhD/21] was recently in a videoconference with students from the bachelor of science in dental hygiene program. When the learners finished their presentation, MacDonald, who was working from home, gave them a standing ovation at her dining room table.