Laser-focused Leadership

As chief nursing officer for Shared Health, Lanette Siragusa [BN/95, MN/08] has become a familiar face to Manitobans this year.

Open Wide for Equity

Most Canadians take pride in their universal health-care system and don’t think of it as excluding anyone.

Inspired into Physio

When Caitlin Trakalo [BA/08, MPT/14] graduated with a bachelor of arts in criminology from the University of Manitoba in 2008, the last thing she expected was to return four years later to pursue a master’s in physical therapy.

From Technician to Clinician

Jane Lamont [B.Sc.Pharm/93] never intended to practise in rural Manitoba. But she doesn’t have any regrets. “I really enjoy rural health care,” says Lamont, director of pharmacy for Prairie Mountain Health (PMH). “The health-care team that naturally forms is fantastic.” Lamont, who grew up in Dauphin, Birtle and Brandon, earned her first degree in chemistry…


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