Pushing the Boundaries

FIFTY YEARS AGO, when Canada’s first immunology department was founded at the University of Manitoba, immunology was a little-known scientific discipline. It was usually a subsection of departments such as infectious diseases or microbiology.

Interdisciplinary Innovation
‘They persisted and they excelled’

THE STORIES OF GENERATIONS of Jewish physicians who have influenced the course of health care, medical research and medical education in Manitoba are chronicled in a new book.

Healing Lives: A Century of Manitoba Jewish Physicians was published in Novmber by the Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada. The book is the product of several years of information-gathering and fundraising by a committee from the Jewish community. It includes a foreword by distinguished Jewish Canadian historian Irving Abella.

Endlessly Occupied

HAVING ONE OF YOUR GREATEST CAREER ACCOMPLISHMENTS come after you’ve retired is uncommon for anyone. But so is staying retired for less than a month.

Empowering Parents
SITTING AT A SICK CHILD’S BEDSIDE can be deeply worrying…
Back to His Roots

“DO YOU KNOW WHY YOU’RE HERE?” That’s the first question…

Fear Factor

IMAGINE THAT YOU MOVE TO A NEW CITY. When you venture to ride the subway for the first time, you’re robbed on the train platform.

Listening with Care
Tom Hack [MA/91, PhD/95] received one of the highest honours…
Walking Strong
WHEN PHYSICAL AND PSYCHOLOGICAL BARRIERS keep older adults from walking…
Cell Secrets

THE BRAIN AND HOW IT WORKS captured Dr. Tamra Werbowetski-Ogilvie’s interest when she was about 10 years old.

A Mighty Molecule
DR. DAKE QI’S FOCUS on a minuscule molecule could lead…