Delivering for Midwives

As the College of Nursing gets ready to introduce its bachelor of midwifery program in September 2021, the program’s director, Kellie Thiessen [PhD/14], hopes to see change in how policy-makers approach the profession.

Dr. Kellie Thiessen speaks at a funding announcement at the College of Nursing in 2019.

Eyes on the Evidence

Dr. Joseph (Chris) Delaney, associate professor in the College of Pharmacy, says one of his hobbies is solving difficult statistical modelling problems. It’s a good hobby to have when your specialties include…
Chris Delaney

From Hospital to Home

Safely transitioning older adults from a hospital setting to home can be challenging in a health system that has long been fragmented. But Cara Brown [BMROT/96, M.Sc./08, PhD/19], assistant professor of occupational…
Cara Brown

Banishing the Bitter

Whether it’s the harsh zing of some salad greens or the vile tang of liquid antibiotics, a bitter taste can make many foods and drugs hard to swallow. Prashen Chelikani [PhD/04] is…
Chelikani Prashen