Features (Summer 2022)

A mother in India hugs her baby.

Partnering for Maternal and Newborn Health

A new, transformational five-year investment of $87 million USD from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation will enable the UM Institute for Global Public Health and the Government of Uttar Pradesh, India’s most populous state, to continue working together to support maternal and newborn health.

Brian Postl holds a small child's hand in an examination room.

Manitoba’s Dean

Personal. Small-scaled. One-on-one.
That’s how we think of a pediatrician’s care.
So how does a devoted pediatrician become a health-care leader who steers huge workforces, massive budgets and complex systems?

Niigaan Sinclair holding a feather during a virtual presentation.

Keep the Feather Together

Medical doctors are experts at treating the physical body.
But in order for patients to truly heal, doctors need to recognize other dimensions of health and give of themselves in other ways, Dr. Niigaan Sinclair said at a UM awards evening.

Profiles of Margaret Lavallee, Mary Jane McCallum and Jan Currie.

With Honour

An Ojibway Elder called on newly graduated doctors to follow the Seven Sacred Teachings – love, courage, humility, wisdom, honesty, respect and truth – as they left the UM medical school to start their residencies.