Issue 7 | Winter 2020

MCNHR - student explain research to visiting professor

Go-to Research Centre

The College of Nursing is celebrating the 35th anniversary of its Manitoba Centre for Nursing and Health Research (MCNHR), a unit that has grown from small-scale beginnings into a thriving catalyst for collaborative nursing research.

The Right Dose

Dr. Sheryl Zelenitsky [B.Sc.Pharm/89], a faculty member of the College of Pharmacy for the past 27 years, studies the optimal use of antimicrobials (antibiotics), particularly in hospitals. Her research was interprofessional long before it became a buzzword.

Rehearsing for Reality

Being unsure of what to expect on the day of an operation can fill some patients with dread.

Smart Solutions

Dr. Amine Choukou’s research passion is developing new technologies to connect people who have cognitive challenges or rehabilitation needs with off-site caregivers.

Emergency Liaison

In January 2020, Helen Clark [MBA/03] was about to travel to New York as part of an international initiative to improve Winnipeg’s 911 system when she heard about a virus in China that would dominate her work for the year ahead.

Donna Scott fishing
Hygienist with Heart

Donna Scott [Dip.D.Hyg./82] was a Saskatchewan farm girl with a craving for adventure.

Ronald Guse
Prescribing Patient Safety

Ronald Guse’s four-decade career has had two central, interlocking themes: patient-centred care and the evolving role of pharmacists.

Prabhat Jha
Global Health Citizen

As a renowned epidemiologist, Prabhat Jha [MD/88] leads massive research studies around the world, including projects in Sierra Leone, Ethiopia and India.