Dr. Chrysi Stavropoulou stands in a clinic next to a dental chair.

Implant Investigator

As a periodontist, Dr. Chrysi Stavropoulou [MDent/18] is a specialist who focuses on the gums and bone that support teeth.

Sandra Webber holds a pickleball racquet and leans over a net.
Measuring Pickle Power

Sandra Webber [BMRPT/90, M.Sc./96, PhD/10], a lifelong sports enthusiast, started playing the burgeoning sport of pickleball about five years ago. Now she’s on the court three or four times per week

Diana McMillan sits on a bench outside the College of Nursing building.
Sleep Scientist

From a young age, Dr. Diana McMillan [MN/95] felt destined to work in health care. Her mother was a nurse. Her father was a family doctor, surgeon and coroner serving five counties from a clinic next door to the family home in Crysler, Ont.

Portrait of Nathan Nickel
Power in the Data

In 2018, Dr. Nathan Nickel led an innovative data study of Manitobans with alcohol use disorders. It revealed that Manitobans who drink to excess are much heavier users of the health-care system and have much more contact with social services and the justice system than those who don’t.

Shweta Mital sitting in an armchair.
Costing out Care

As a health economist, Dr. Shweta Mital is constantly aware…

UM President and Vice-Chancellor Dr. Michael Benarroch congratulates Dr. Preetha Krishnan on receiving her PhD.

Difficult Discussions

For nurse practitioner Preetha Krishnan [BN/03, MN/07, PhD/23], deprescribing – the process of reducing or eliminating a medication to improve a patient’s health – is just as important as prescribing.

Dr. Aaron Kim performs a dental procedure on a patient.
A Dream of Service

When Aaron Kim [DMD/87] was in Grade 1, his teacher asked each student what they wanted to be when they grew up. He declared that he wanted to be a doctor to help people in Africa.

A physiotherapist working with a child.
Inspiring Indigenous Youth

Christina Keeper [BA/10, MPT/22] first thought about a career in physical therapy when she had a knee injury at the age of 20 from playing hockey.

Portrait of Ashley Walus
Open to Opportunity

Alumna Ashley Walus has one piece of advice for today’s students at the College of Pharmacy: Say yes.

Mandy Buss speaks from behind a podium.
Widening the Path

Mandy Buss [B.Sc./03, MD/09], proud descendant of a greatgrandmother who was a traditional Métis midwife, is president of the Indigenous Physicians Association of Canada