Profile of Dana Turcotte.

Listening to Pain

It took only one year of undergraduate pharmacy studies for Dana Turcotte [B.Sc.Pharm/05, PhD/14] to know that she wanted to pursue research.

Profile of Elsie Duff.
Optimizing the NP Role

Dr. Elsie Duff [M.Ed/03] has a distinction that is unique at UM and rare in Canada: she is a nurse practitioner with a PhD.

Profile of Gayle Halas.
Interconnected Care

Gayle Halas [Dip.D.Hyg./87, PhD/16] has taken a long journey as an educator and researcher since starting her career as a clinical dental hygienist.

Profile of Peter Nickerson.
Kidney Transplant Trailblazer

The field of transplant immunology medicine is extraordinarily complex and challenging. Peter Nickerson [B.Sc.(Med.)/86, MD/86] has devoted his career to understanding the complexities and overcoming the challenges, and in the process has transformed transplant services across Canada.

Jacquie Ripat standing with a smartphone inside an apartment suite.
Advancing Assistive Tech

In her 30-year occupational therapy career, one of the biggest changes Jacquie Ripat [BMROT/92, M.Sc./98, PhD/11] has seen in her field is the mainstream adoption of technology that was once used almost exclusively by people with disabilities.

Dr. Lisa Lix types on her laptop computer. Displayed on a screen behind her are six graphs.

Data Quality Detective

Lisa Lix [M.Sc./91, PhD/95] took an unusual path to becoming an internationally recognized biostatistician.

Karen McElroy sits next to a computer with respiratory devices on the desk.
Breathing Rural

When Karen McElroy [B.Sc./06, BMRRT/11] chose a career in respiratory therapy (RT), she was attracted to the “adrenaline junkie” side of it – the intense situations in emergency rooms where there are sometimes only minutes to save a patient’s life.

Pharmacist Hans Epp administers a Covid vaccine.
Calling the Shots

At the age of 24, Hans Epp [B.Sc.Pharm/84] became one of Shoppers Drug Mart’s youngest franchise owners. In his nearly four decades as a pharmacist, he has seen many changes in the profession.

Dr. Laura MacDonald writes on a whiteboard.
Eager to Educate

Laura MacDonald [Dip.D.Hyg./81, M.Ed./87, PhD/21] was recently in a videoconference with students from the bachelor of science in dental hygiene program. When the learners finished their presentation, MacDonald, who was working from home, gave them a standing ovation at her dining room table.

Profile of Monika Warren.
Time for Recovery, Rebuilding

Monika Warren [BN/90] says her proudest leadership moments always involve interprofessional teamwork.